5 Star Review

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“CLS has proved to be a tremendous asset to the Greater St. Peter A.M.E. Church. With the assistance of CLS, we constructed a new church home to facilitate the needs of our growing family and the community. When no one else could find a way, CLS stepped out on faith from the start to finish to secure our funding, design and building of Greater St. Peter’s new house of worship.”

Reverend Isaiah J. Waddy


         Woody Jenkins and CLS have been a blessing in the construction of the new worship edifice for Enon Church and Ministries. On Sunday July 18, 2004, the initial worship service in our new church was held. Without the work of Woody Jenkins and his staff, this would not have been possible. Woody Jenkins is definitely an example of big things in small packages. During the construction of the new facility, the building committee met with some of the largest banks in America who denied the request for financial assistance. As fate would have it, their denials opened the door for Mr. Jenkins and CLS to come in, to listen, to evaluate, and then to offer financial assistance for the completion of the edifice. This proves that God’s delay is not His denial.

Our experience was like Moses at the Red Sea. When Moses and the Israelites were trying to get away from the Egyptians and they found themselves at the Red Sea, God told Moses to stretch out his rod and the waters parted. As Pastor of Enon Church and Ministries and Shepherd over this flock of people, during this construction project we encountered many obstacles and enemies all around us. Nevertheless, it couldn’t stop the power of God within us. CLS was the rod that God told me to stretch out in order to “part the waters” and make a way for this building project when there seemed to be no way.

When God gave me the vision of building a new worship edifice, He also promised me that He would make provision. Woody Jenkins was the vessel that God used to take Enon from Vision to Victory!”

Because of Calvary,

Gregory L. Pollard

Senior Pastor

Enon Church and Ministries



“As one of the youngest Pastors in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, I was told it would be nearly impossible to find funding to build my first church. CLS walked me through each step of the loan process securing the financing and providing the construction team. I look forward to be working with them on future projects.” Reverend Marcus Green